Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PBL Insect Reflection

My Insect:
This is an insect.  I have spent  Weeks on this insect. The insect is called: Golden Bumblebee. Also, A Bumblebee.

This insect is a 3-D shape made out of newspaper and painted with Gold and Black. I remade 10 Gold and black paint to make the insect stand out more without any mistakes. I kept re-painting the insect until i can finally do the wings and the legs.

How Much Time I did

Newspaper *And Tape*
Paper-mache ing
Painting, Making Wings and Legs
32 Minutes
3 Days
A Week
3 Days, A Week and 32 Minutes.

What I enjoyed the most
The body. I thought that the body was going to be WAY too easy. But instead, It wasn’t. It was challenging. Challenging enough for me to give up. But i didn’t. I persevered through all of it. Even if the result does not look like how I wanted it to look like, I still got through all of it.
But paper maching was what I enjoyed the most.

What I am most proud of
The Head. The head was the MOST Challenging one out of of all. I had to make a Ball out of newspaper and then tape all together. Then paper mache it and paint it to make the head. But I am proud of the head because it looks good more than the other parts.

What was challenging
Was The Legs, Wings and the body. They are very challenging. But I would always keep up and use my Resourceful muscle so I can Now finish it very quickly but, There wasn't that many resources. So I had to make it up by myself. The body, wings and the legs was really hard because I had to
Use Paper mache the body 4 times and paint it, Wait for the hot glue gun and trying to attach it all together.

What muscle I stretched the most
Was Persevering and Resourceful Muscle. They are the ones that helped throughout the whole process. Or else, I would give up on this.
How I used my muscles was that I had to use resources and keep up on the work. But, First I had to make it with no resources on the first step, Which was hard and challenging. But i kept up on my work until I was finished

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