Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PBL Insect Reflection

My Insect:
This is an insect.  I have spent  Weeks on this insect. The insect is called: Golden Bumblebee. Also, A Bumblebee.

This insect is a 3-D shape made out of newspaper and painted with Gold and Black. I remade 10 Gold and black paint to make the insect stand out more without any mistakes. I kept re-painting the insect until i can finally do the wings and the legs.

How Much Time I did

Newspaper *And Tape*
Paper-mache ing
Painting, Making Wings and Legs
32 Minutes
3 Days
A Week
3 Days, A Week and 32 Minutes.

What I enjoyed the most
The body. I thought that the body was going to be WAY too easy. But instead, It wasn’t. It was challenging. Challenging enough for me to give up. But i didn’t. I persevered through all of it. Even if the result does not look like how I wanted it to look like, I still got through all of it.
But paper maching was what I enjoyed the most.

What I am most proud of
The Head. The head was the MOST Challenging one out of of all. I had to make a Ball out of newspaper and then tape all together. Then paper mache it and paint it to make the head. But I am proud of the head because it looks good more than the other parts.

What was challenging
Was The Legs, Wings and the body. They are very challenging. But I would always keep up and use my Resourceful muscle so I can Now finish it very quickly but, There wasn't that many resources. So I had to make it up by myself. The body, wings and the legs was really hard because I had to
Use Paper mache the body 4 times and paint it, Wait for the hot glue gun and trying to attach it all together.

What muscle I stretched the most
Was Persevering and Resourceful Muscle. They are the ones that helped throughout the whole process. Or else, I would give up on this.
How I used my muscles was that I had to use resources and keep up on the work. But, First I had to make it with no resources on the first step, Which was hard and challenging. But i kept up on my work until I was finished

Monday, March 20, 2017

My Special Place

The Beach by Sam
  • Main ideas
  • Windy trees
  • The beach
  • Extremely hot
  • Adjectives
Before i woke up to a very nice morning and when my family was already packed up and in hurry just because it was Sunday and every single time the beach would always be closed in the afternoon. So when they were telling me to be very quick and Don’t have anything. So i quickly rushed out of bed, furiously brushing my teeth left and right and then hurried into my clothes and got into my car just waiting a bit. As i heard the windy trees breezing in the air. The breeze in my ears were just like i was flowing in the air like a crumpled leaf. Somehow, the coldness strike into my body as i was shivering like a little kitten with cold water poured on. When Everyone was having fun in the cooling water, when others were just relaxing in the cold shade. When I was staring at the ocean with an apprehensive feeling until, One wave rapidly crashed onto me. It felt like it i was in antarctica when some People laughed until they got bored and carried on. The weather was extremely  hot so that's why there were Many, Many people at the sea just messing around like “Not-In-Controlled” puppets. Just running around splashing kids. When Ceanahlee was arriving at the beach, she was splashing me too much, so i decided to splash her back with a furious feeling like in Dragon Ball Z. Until an humongous splash came from Ceanahlee shouting furiously “Got ya!” I felt peed off, so I walked away. All i just wanted to do is to rush Into the ocean to enjoy the water and so i did. so i opened my mouth and the disgusting salt water flew into my mouth.  As i was floating in the water, i went deeper until i felt the cold temperature rising into my spine, so i quickly began to rise up from the extreme cold sea and never come back into the deep extreme cold sea. Once when i was shivering and trying to get to a warm spot when Ceanahlee was laughing at me with a huge smile when other people joined in too. I felt very humiliated when other people just laughed at me. So then i walked away but a faster paste. There was an ice cream shop, as i stopped my paste and wonder to myself “Why is there an ice cream shop on the beach?” I wondered. I was thinking that i wanted one but i was careful of how much weight i would hold and how much ice cream that could cost. So i turned and walked away on a very faster paste. Just when i turned into another direction, an humongous wave crashed on me. “Nga!!” I furiously ran away. Since i ran away, i went to where i came from and i snuggled up into the warm towels and lied down on the beach

The beach is my special place.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

5 Facts

5 Facts about me.
Hello, my name is Sam.
5. I draw/watch Anime on my Laptop-Tablet. I always use my coloring pencils,a rubber and layouts for my drawing.

4. I code websites and usually use Flash (Flash Player, It is also known as animation creator and you can put your animation anywhere.) I plan my website and then I will publish it to Google. When I code scripts, I put in scr= or <div>. The scr= element is a short name for “source.” <div> element is a flow page that has text inside, It really means that there’s text but, it is inside a square-box.

3. I go on japanese websites, learn japanese and find japanese. I looked in there past in japanese history books, then I found some interesting text inside the history book of Japan. When I am older, I would want to travel to Japan. I would also like to see Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

2. I love class and I like to do Maths/Writing. My Genre in class is trying to figure it out, I write because writing is what upgrades my spelling and the last is drawing, drawing is what helps me to be a great drawer.

  1. I code VBScript (Visual Basic Script.) I always code this because it’s helping me to upgrade to what I will publish in the next year. Usually, I put fake errors to pretend that my Laptop is about to crash, I use too much scripts to make it like the error cannot close itself.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Things about me

Things about me
My Best Memory:
My best memory of all time was doing Leekspin and playing my Best games, Which you can’t get this year…
Since in my days, Well of course it was between 2011 - 2016, i would say i had the best day that ever existed in my life! When I heard a “Meme” website called “Leek spin” I knew it would be a joke. But the theme “Ievan Polkka”  was very weird. But every single day i got attracted to it. The games i had were “Mind-Bending” Games. I “ALWAYS” play them like All Day with no non-stop. Until everything went to the dump. Every game disk was lost,
Even the PS2 was dead. But I got a playstation 3 (PS3) with a Minecraft game.

What makes me laugh?
What makes me laugh Is comedy Anime. Anime can make me laugh sometimes still, I watch Anime. What is Anime? Anime is a Japanese-Animation name also known as “Manga.” It is like real life, but very different shapes. The Anime shows that I watch is “Mob Psycho 100,  Nyan Nyan Nyan and Nee.” All of them are filled with lots of laughter so that’s why I watch them. Even it one of the best comedy on earth! But anime is in my life so that Is also why I watch It. There is another one to, I draw anime and I started in 2016 October the 5th even how i watch it Is by going on crunchyroll. CrunchyRoll is a website where you can search up Anime videos without no hesitation, Ads, With dubs, subtitles and It’s for free! There are other websites as known “KissAnime.com, Anime9.com, watashi che.com” (Some websites are invaild sometimes but they are legal.)

Sad moment…
The sad part of my whole life is that how my cat, Rugby died. Very sad when I noticed how my cat was dying, it was very hard to take action of it, and it broke my feelings. I was very sad when he died because he died by sickness. He also was 1 year old, and then a random dog had scared him too much which has caused a reaction that caused sickness.

My Muched-loved-hobby
My passion Is that when I watch anime and play somethings on my computer. Usually, it’s always my favorite thing to do sometimes, even though I am writing this. My another hobby Is doing maths, writing and drawing. It’s my favorite thing to do in class/home. I really like class everyday, even I play japanese videos that have subtitles and dubs. I have somethings that inspire me in writing, and I really really really want to write and draw some anime people. My inspiration Is that I persevere in my drawing, maths, writing, reading and at class time, even i like maths, I still pretend that I can persevere with maths.

The fun fact about me
Is that I have somethings that kind of… Well they are usually acts of drawing, I really love drawing and i never stop but i do stop when I get up to rage and anger.  Usually, I sometimes act strange and usually act like a japanese-boy. I act very weird not like the others, and i act very “nice” somethings that I do Is like singing very fast, drawing Mob psycho 100 (Because it’s easy) I count japanese numbers and I always play games on my laptop-tablet. When I got attracted to this song “Ievan Polkka.”
I always sing Ievan Polkka It very fast and I done that all the time when I was bored.

Levan Polkka
Ievan Polkka Is a song In german and was In the 1998’s, which a group had sIng. SInce they have past, there was a remaining website on bing.com, google.com and firefox.com, also known as the “Meme” website.
It always remains but It changes all the time and once going to the website, you hear a noise which Is known the song “levan Polkka” and the message text saying: You’ve been spinning for 0:00. 0:00 Is the seconds of the spinning time.